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Data Preparation

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Determining Best Practices for Self-Service and Governance
Using data effectively requires first that it be prepared for use. This typically involves a sequence of steps: accessing the data, perhaps through search; aggregating it; and enriching, transforming and cleaning data from different sources to cre­ate a single, uniform data set. To do the job of data preparation properly, organizations need flex­ible tools that enable them to enrich the context of data drawn from multiple sources, collaborate on its preparation and govern the process of preparation to ensure consistency and security. Users of these tools range from analysts to operations professionals in the lines of business to IT professionals. This research is designed to examine existing and planned approaches to data preparation as well as related technologies, best practices for implementing them and market trends in this area.
Are You Qualified? The survey for this benchmark research is designed for individuals who participate in data- and analytics-related processes. Solution providers, software vendors, consultants, media and systems integrators may participate in the survey, but they are not eligible for incentives and their input will be used only if they meet the qualifications. Incentives are provided to qualified participants in the research and also are conditional on provision of accurate and verifiable contact information including company name and company email address that can be used for fulfillment of incentives.
What’s In It For You? Upon completion of the research, all qualified participants will receive a report on the findings of this benchmark research to support their organization’s efforts, along with a $25 gift certificate. In addition, all qualified participants will be entered into a drawing to win one of 25 benchmark research reports and a 30-minute consultation, a package valued at US$1,495 or €1,232. Thank you for your participation!